Martial arts for the older generation

Contrary to perception, there are a lot of older people signing up for martial arts training, mainly for the fitness and strength training it offers. While they may not measure up to the younger folk in some aspects, the older generation can hold their own. Indeed, one of the things about aging is it increases self-awareness.

Leslie Griesdorf Dentist

For older guys looking to get into martial arts, here are three rules to abide by for an excellent time.

  1. Take time to recover

You need to take care of your body, which means more rest than your younger training mates. You may think you are the second coming of Chuck Liddell, but you’re not. Unless you’ve spent significant time training martial arts, aim to train twice a week at the beginning. Use the time off to recover, enjoy a massage and work on other areas of your fitness.

  1. Be responsible

Along with taking more time to recover, you have to take more care of your body. You certainly have responsibilities (family and professional career) to consider. If you are unable to move the day after a training session properly, it’s time to cut back.

  1. Go easy

You don’t have to go hard in every session. It may sound counterintuitive, but if all your sessions are intense, you will wind up with a major injury. Martial arts is not a sprint; it’s a lifelong journey.

Keep it simple, rest often, and you will be fine.

Leslie Griesdorf Dentist, embraced martial arts from a young age. He worked out a reputable Canadian school and has earned a brown belt.


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