Martial arts for the older generation

Contrary to perception, there are a lot of older people signing up for martial arts training, mainly for the fitness and strength training it offers. While they may not measure up to the younger folk in some aspects, the older generation can hold their own. Indeed, one of the things about aging is it increases self-awareness.

Leslie Griesdorf Dentist

For older guys looking to get into martial arts, here are three rules to abide by for an excellent time.

  1. Take time to recover

You need to take care of your body, which means more rest than your younger training mates. You may think you are the second coming of Chuck Liddell, but you’re not. Unless you’ve spent significant time training martial arts, aim to train twice a week at the beginning. Use the time off to recover, enjoy a massage and work on other areas of your fitness.

  1. Be responsible

Along with taking more time to recover, you have to take more care of your body. You certainly have responsibilities (family and professional career) to consider. If you are unable to move the day after a training session properly, it’s time to cut back.

  1. Go easy

You don’t have to go hard in every session. It may sound counterintuitive, but if all your sessions are intense, you will wind up with a major injury. Martial arts is not a sprint; it’s a lifelong journey.

Keep it simple, rest often, and you will be fine.

Leslie Griesdorf Dentist, embraced martial arts from a young age. He worked out a reputable Canadian school and has earned a brown belt.


Running a private practice in today’s economy

For a long time, it was thought that the dentistry profession was insulated from the happenings in the economy. After the most recent economic recession, many experienced dentists would respectfully disagree. With much of the economy having shaken off the effect of the downturn, dentists are among the professionals looking to make sure their practices survive.

Leslie Griesdorf Dentist
Leslie Griesdorf Dentist

Every business faces challenges when it comes to thriving. For dentists, the following areas are of particular importance.


Dental production rates have fallen in recent times, even with economical analysts portraying the economy to be on the fast track to growth. Delayed payments have eaten into dentists’ incomes, not to mention reduced development prospects.

Dental chains

Dental chains (or dental management service organizations) are emerging across the country as alternatives to traditional dental private practices. Such chains are run by corporations and offer dentists the ability to focus on their skill without the burden of administrative and marketing work. Such corporate practices are indeed a threat to the conventional view of the dental practice.

Insurance hassle

The paperwork required to ensure prompt reimbursement by insurance companies is burdensome, not to mention that reimbursement rates are decreasing. For many private practice dentists, the effort put into filing the paperwork doesn’t always reflect in the reimbursement.

Fortunately, it’s not all gloomy for private practitioners. By focusing on fostering great client relationships, dentists can ensure client loyalty keeps their offices running for a very long time. Doing so keeps away the competition.

Leslie Griesdorf Dentist is a retired dentist who ran a private practice in Toronto. With more time now, he has immersed himself in the stock market and learning all he can about American history.

The Search for World War II

World War II was one of the biggest global wars in the history of the world lasted from 1939 ninety and included the majority of the world’s nations at the time. Two military alliances oppose each other in the form of the Allies and the axis. It involved more than 100 million people in thirty countries. This event in human history is one that is not likely way again. When it comes to finding out about the history of this war, is an endeavor that has captivated many for generations. Leslie Griesdorf Dentist is a retired dentist that has taken up learning of the history of World War II. Is one of his favorite endeavors in the years since he retired? He follows the stories of major campaigns, major figures in the war, and various phases of the efforts.

Leslie Griesdorf Dentist

As the most widespread and deadliest war in history, more than 50 million military and civilian deaths were experience and some estimates come in at as high as 85 million people dead. It all ended when the Allied forces defeated both Nazi Germany and Japan in 1945. One of the main ways in which he receives information is through a variety of documentaries which cover this conflict. It rose from the ramifications and instability throughout Europe as a result of the Great War, as World War I was known at the time. Issues were left unresolved from this conflict which led the Second World War. Ultimately the Allies overcame a head start and great odds emerge victorious. When it comes to information about the Second World War, there are many great sources including books, programs and the Internet.

All about great Oral care

After many years in the business, a dentist the gets to know a lot about their craft and the people that they have the privilege to call patients. Oral care is a system of self-care and professional intervention. In order for an individual to receive the best in care, they must first find a great dentist who can help them when they need examinations and of course when they need work.

Leslie Griesdorf Dentist

Retired dentist Leslie Griesdorf left the trade in 2004, but he is still often called on to share his knowledge and insight into this critical health topic. Finding a dentist is an endeavor that requires a tremendous amount of research when done correctly. A dentist should be evaluated on the basis of their reputation and what their patients have to say about the facilities are certainly a part of the selection process.

When an office runs well and is extremely organized, it is much easier for an individual to feel at ease about professional demeanor of this dentist. Another thing that comes into play is the personality of that dentist. If they are engaging and informative, oftentimes that may be enough. People have to field their way through and decide whether they are ready to engage with this individual as their dentist going forward.

You should be comfortable asking questions and receiving answers, you should be ready to commit to your part in terms of regular oral care and habits which can help the health of your teeth. Finally, you should schedule regular visits and make your appointments. With the right strategy an individual can put together their best plan possible.

Leslie Griesdorf Former Dentist – Collector of World War II Information

Now a retired dentist, Leslie Griesdorf spends his time doing the things he loves. He likes to spend time with family, converse with friends, and learn more about his favorite subjects. History has always been a favorite of Leslie Griesdorf who believes that these non-fiction stories are more exciting than fiction stories because they truly happened and the people in the history books established history as we know it. Though Canadian, Leslie Griesdorf enjoys learning more about the United States history more than the history of his country. He enjoys many areas of U.S. history, but World War II is one of his ultimate favorites.

Leslie Griesdorf Dentist

One of the American officers that Leslie Griesdorf, the former dentist, enjoys the most is Major General Dwight D. Eisenhower, who would later be promoted to lieutenant general. The work of Eisenhower would become widely known, especially ones he was crowns the supreme commander of the Allied Expeditionary Forces of the European Theater of Operations. Leslie Griesdorf knows that there were many that doubted his leadership abilities, but much to the celebration of the world today, he found success in the war. A hero of the United States, Eisenhower is one of Leslie Griesdorf’s favorite characters of World War II.

During Leslie Griesdorf’s time as a dentist, he experienced great success. Now that he is retired, the former dental surgeon enjoys the extra time he is able to spend simply enjoying life. The former dentist, Leslie Griesdorf Dentist, now spends time trading in the stock exchange.

Leslie Griesdorf Former Dentist – Working Out Four Times a Week

Leslie Griesdorf is a former dentist who knows his fair share about being healthy. Four times a week, every week, he has made sure to spend some time working out. After spending some time in the medical field before fully committing to the dental industry, Leslie Griesdorf learned well the benefits of regularly exercising . An athlete for much of his life, he was able to be on the Carlton Park Baseball Team. Leslie Griesdorf has made sure to stay spry so that he can enjoy running around with his grandchildren.

 Leslie Griesdorf Dentist

Some of the exercises that Leslie Griesdorf, the former dentist, continually does during his workout include strength, balance, and endurance exercises. Strength exercises are great for building muscles. This type of training will aid in increasing metabolism, which ultimately helps with keeping weight down and monitoring the blood sugar. Balance exercises are extremely important. There are many who break bones because of a fall every year. Balancing exercises help people’s body avoid falls that can be potentially dangerous. Building leg muscles will help a person prevent themselves from falling.

Endurance exercises are ones that Leslie Griesdorf, now a retired dentist, says are the most important. Without these exercises, he would not be able to keep up to the energy level that his grandchild have. Exercises that promote endurance include, walking, jogging, swimming, biking, and, of course, running. All of these exercises increases the heart rate during the exercise and build up a person’s endurance level over time.

Leslie Griesdorf Former Dentist – A Family Man

Born in beautiful Toronto of Ontario, Canada, Leslie Griesdorf was born into a simple family. Though Griesdorf’s family often had to work hard only to make ends meet, the young Leslie Griesdorf, previously a dentist, would learn the importance of working hard, gaining an education, and caring for people. Though his family may not have had all of the money in the world, they were still able to raise Leslie Griesdorf right and help him become the man he is today.

Leslie Griesdorf Dentist
Leslie Griesdorf Dentist

Family means a lot to Leslie Griesdorf, a former dentist affiliated with the Ontario Dental Association and the Canadian Dental Association. After thirty-five years of service in the dental industry, he decided it was time to retire. What Leslie Griesdorf was pleased most to enjoy when he stepped down from his position was spending time with those who mattered most to him: his friends and family. He loves being able to build a deeper relationship with all the people who have stuck around and become friends, and in some cases family.

Leslie Griesdorf is a former dentist, but will always be a family man. He enjoys spending time with his wife, children, and his grandchildren. He aims to keep close with as many people as possible that he has met over the years. He enjoys conversing with friends and family and truly getting to know who one another are. Leslie Griesdorf had a successful career as a dentist, now he wants to enjoy pouring his genuine care into his friends and family.